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buy actavis promethazine FBI agent Alex Voretti just had the hottest kiss of his life—with a woman who thinks he’s his twin…

Alex is done pretending to be someone he’s not—especially when it means posing as his love ‘em and leave ‘em identical twin, Matt, so he can let Matt’s girl-of-the-week down easy. And especially when that girl is Alex’s partner, Nikki. But when the plan to let her down easy turns into one sizzling night after another, it’s not long before Alex realizes that coming clean to Nikki is the only move he has left.

Nikki Church thought twin switches only happened on TV—until she finds herself staring into the eyes of fellow adrenaline junkie Matt Voretti…only to discover he’s actually her mild-mannered coworker, Alex. Horrified, she takes off, hoping she’ll never see either Voretti brother again. But when her undercover job turns dangerous, there’s only one person she can ask for help—if she can convince her heart to trust Alex one last time.

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Next up is Calli’s book, Royal Sucker. (If you’ve read Love and Learn or Free Falling in Love, you’ll remember Calli.) I’m super excited about this book because it’s the first in a new series. There will be a prince. And a fairy tale author looking for her happily-ever-after. And sexy ex-marine bodyguard, just to make things interesting.


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