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Two Truths and a Lie Cover

Her whole life is a lie…

Nineteen-year-old Veronica Day learned to lie before she learned to talk. The only person she can be real with is her grifter mother, so when Tori disappears, Veronica isn’t just afraid of losing her only parent. She’s afraid of losing herself.

He’s a professional lie detector…

A wealthy senator holds the key to Tori’s disappearance. It’s easy for Veronica to lie her way into a job on his staff. It’s not so easy to work with his nephew, Jared, who does cutting-edge research in deceit detection.

As Jared begins to see through her lies, Veronica struggles to adapt. For the first time, she wants to let someone in. Only, she’s not sure how. She has spent so much time pretending to be other people, she doesn’t know who she is underneath the layers of disguises.

But this lie is so big, neither of them see it coming.

Veronica isn’t the only one with secrets. Jared joined his uncle’s staff for a reason, and when Veronica discovers the secret he has been working so hard to uncover, she has to make a choice. Hide behind the safety of another convenient lie? Or trust that Jared will love the person she really is when all is revealed.

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