Free Falling in Love

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Free Falling in Love Cover

FBI agent Alex Voretti just had the hottest kiss of his life—with a woman who thinks he’s his twin…

Alex is done pretending to be someone he’s not—especially when it means posing as his love ‘em and leave ‘em identical twin, Matt, so he can let Matt’s girl-of-the-week down easy. And especially when that girl is Alex’s partner, Nikki. But when the plan to let her down easy turns into one sizzling night after another, it’s not long before Alex realizes that coming clean to Nikki is the only move he has left.

Nikki Church thought twin switches only happened on TV—until she finds herself staring into the eyes of fellow adrenaline junkie Matt Voretti…only to discover he’s actually her mild-mannered coworker, Alex. Horrified, she takes off, hoping she’ll never see either Voretti twin again. But when her undercover job turns dangerous, there’s only one person she can ask for help—if she can convince her heart to trust Alex one last time.

Get FREE FALLING IN LOVE at: Amazon-US | Amazon-UK | Amazon-CA | Amazon-AU | B & N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo | Tolino | Print


Alex Voretti was never late. Not when he got food poisoning the morning of his SAT test. Not when his cell phone died right before the alarm could wake him for his early-morning Shodan black belt test. Not even when his plane was rerouted to Kentucky on the way to new agent training at Quantico.

But tonight—when he had to make it to Castalano’s before Matt broke Nikki’s heart—tonight was when the universe decided to break his perfect streak. First there was the five-car pileup that brought the freeway to a halt. Then the downed palm tree that blocked the exit he needed. And then, the final deathblow—the pothole that came out of nowhere, popping his tire.

He changed the flat in record time, but it didn’t help. He was still ten minutes late.

He screeched to a halt in front of the restaurant, threw his keys to the valet, and sprinted inside. The place was packed, but he saw Nikki right away.

It was always like that. Even at the corner of the bar with her back to the room, she might as well have had a spotlight trained on her.

When he looked at her, he saw possibilities. Adventure. The future.

You see a hot woman you want to sleep with. But you aren’t going to, because you have to work together. Get over it.

Instead of Nikki’s usual loose, confident posture, she was hunched over. No mystery who she was hiding from. Alex’s twin brother, who was at the other end of the bar, grinning his let-me-rock-your-world grin at some random woman. In Matt’s world, that was how you said goodbye to your current hookup—by showing her you’d moved on to someone else.

Anger burned through Alex’s veins. He’d told Matt to stay away from Nikki. But Matt hadn’t listened. Matt never listened. And now Alex had to clean up the mess.

He pushed through the well-dressed crowd. He got a few curious looks—his T-shirt and jeans stood out in the business casual crowd—but that couldn’t be helped; his button-down hadn’t survived the tire change. Finally, he made it to Nikki’s side.

“Hey.” She smiled at him.

Everything around her turned to fuzzy, gray background. “Hey,” he managed, offering a silent prayer of thanks that she was still smiling. He’d made it before Matt had done too much damage.

“You’re here,” Nikki said, like she hadn’t expected him to show.

“Of course I’m here.” He’d invited her, even though Matt’s plan had gone against his better judgment. But it had been either invite Nikki to Castalano’s, where she’d see his twin flirting with another woman, or let her go on thinking she and Matt were a couple until she figured out the reason his twin wasn’t taking her calls was that he’d moved on.

At least, this way, she had closure and a shoulder to cry on. Not that Nikki was the kind of woman who cried on shoulders. In the eight months they’d worked together, he’d never even seen her get misty eyed. Still, that was work and this was personal.

“Sit down,” Nikki said. “Have a drink with me.”

Like someone up above was monitoring the conversation, desperate to make Nikki feel better, the guy next to her vacated his stool. Alex took it.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

Alex wanted his usual scotch and water, but he had to help Matt get the brewery up and running before he left the city limits, and that meant educating himself about beer. He ordered a local IPA.

“I have a serious, life-altering question for you.” Nikki leaned in close. “If you were going to backpack through the wilderness, would you do it in Bolivia or Nepal?”

“Uh…” She didn’t seem upset. Maybe Matt’s breakup strategy hadn’t been the worst idea in recorded history. “I don’t know.”

“Close your eyes.”

Her husky voice overrode his better sense, and before he had a chance to catalog all the reasons why it was a bad idea, his eyes shut. The crowded bar disappeared. There was only Nikki. Her fresh, clean scent. That voice that was wired straight to his dick.

“Picture yourself out there in the wilderness. Do you see condors and alpacas or Sherpas and glaciers?”

He swallowed, trying like hell to picture an alpaca, because that was a lot safer than what he was currently thinking about.

“Where are you?”

Wherever you are.

He forced his eyes open. “Glaciers.” He needed something cold, that was for sure.

“See? That wasn’t so hard.” Somehow, Nikki’s hand had landed on his wrist. Her touch was so light he might not have noticed if it hadn’t been for the heat of her skin. The subtle stroke of her thumb against his pulse point.

He pulled his hand free and grabbed his beer. Then he took a big sip.

Ugh. But at least that rancid beer taste took his mind off his dick.

Nikki regarded him from under lowered lashes. “Maybe you should come with me.”

His dick perked up again, under the mistaken impression she was flirting with him. “I’ve never been backpacking.”

“Think about it. You and me scaling glaciers and soaking in hot springs. Then cuddling up at night.”

Shit. She was flirting. She must be more upset by Matt’s stunt than he’d thought.

Nikki laughed. “You look like a deer staring down the headlights of a Hummer.”

“No. I—”

“Hold that thought.” She motioned to the bartender. A second later there was a shot of vodka in front of both of them.

“To a life full of adventure.” She lifted her glass and downed the liquor in one practiced motion.

When she set the glass down, she was even closer to him. She smelled like sunshine and possibilities, and before he realized what he was doing, the other glass was in his hand. “To adventures.”

The vodka didn’t burn the way it usually did. He was already hot from Nikki’s touch.

It had been too long since he’d gotten laid—he’d broken up with Gabby three months ago. He needed to get back out there. Find an appropriate outlet for this buildup of lust he hadn’t even been aware of.

“Look,” Nikki said. “I know this isn’t the relationship we agreed on. But things change. Feelings change.”

He had to shut her down. Though he wasn’t officially her supervisor, he was supposed to be looking out for her—making sure she didn’t get herself into any more trouble. And he couldn’t start a relationship when he was going to move five hundred miles away as soon as his transfer to the FBI’s San Francisco field office went through. “It’s not that I don’t… As much as I might want…”

“I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment. I just want to explore.” Her hand found the center of his chest. It burned through his T-shirt, taking his brain out of commission. “See where this goes.”

Her head tilted toward him, her lips on a collision course with his.


His muscles ignored the desperate command from his brain.

Nikki’s lips met his. Energy zinged through his skin like lightening, waking up every organ, every muscle, every cell.

She kissed the way she did everything else—with her entire body and all her focus. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her body tangled with his and her scent enveloped him, stealing what was left of his good sense.

Need slammed into him. He pulled her closer. Kissed her deeper.

It wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t be enough until she was under him. Until he was buried so deep inside her, she forgot about every man who had come before him, even his twin.

His twin. The one who’d broken up with Nikki by parading in front of her with another woman. The sole reason Alex was here.

It was too hard to pull away from Nikki all at once, so Alex did it in stages. First, he disengaged his lips from hers. Then he forced his hands away from her soft skin.

Without all that distracting contact, rational thought filtered back into his brain. Could you be any more of a jerk? You don’t come on to a woman who’s just been dumped.

Nikki smiled at him, soft and warm. She looked almost shy, which made him feel like an even bigger jerk. She was vulnerable as hell right now, and he’d taken advantage.

“Nikki, I—” His voice broke.

“Relax, Matt.”

The world stopped. Everything except Nikki’s voice, which echoed through his head on repeat. Matt. Matt. Matt.

“I’m not looking for a ring. I’m only talking about moving beyond our friends-with-benefits thing.”

Holy shit. She thought he was his twin.

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