Free Reads – Short Romance Stories

Need a quick read in between romance novels? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find fun, short, standalone romance stories as well as deleted scenes from my full-length romance novels. They’re easy to fit in while you’re in line at the grocery store, waiting for that appointment that was supposed to start five minutes ago, or if you just need a break from real life. Best of all, they’re totally free.

Standalone Short Romance Stories

Best Friends About to KissDating Your Best Friend: A Short Romance Story

Three signs you’ve been single for too long:

1. Your mom is so desperate to set you up, she sabotages your car, hoping you’ll fall for the guy who fixes it.

2. You run out of Caffeine Fix before you’ve finished your overpriced mocha, because…

3. You’re thinking about your best friend as a lot more than a friend.

romantic couple dancing at weddingRunaway Bridesmaid: A Wedding Romance Story

Every time Grace catches the bouquet at a wedding, she gets dumped. After bouquet – and breakup – #3, she has learned her lesson. But when she runs into her childhood crush while fleeing wedding #4, he just might have the good luck charm she needs to break her string of bad luck and find her own wedding romance.

Puppy LovePuppy Love

What happens when a dog decides to play matchmaker?

1 overeager puppy + 1 hot fireman = Abby’s Best. Day. Ever.


Romance in Car

Drive Me Wild

When Audrey runs out of gas during a summer storm, rescue comes from an unexpected(ly hot) source.

Deleted Scenes

Just like movies have outtakes, in every book I write there are some scenes that don’t make it into the final, published version. Sometimes it’s because the scene is terrible. Sometimes the scene itself is awesome, but it just doesn’t belong in the book. I hate to bury awesomeness on my computer hard drive, never to be seen again, so I thought I’d share some with you. Here you go!

Puppy on Man's Chest

Royal Sucker – The Puppy Scene

This is a scene I deleted from Royal Sucker before publication. It didn’t belong in the book itself, but it’s a lot of fun. Calli (who is about to become the princess of Andera) and Owen (her bodyguard) are wandering the palace late at night, when they find a puppy. And big, bad Owen can’t handle the cuteness…