A Day in the Glamorous Life of a Romance Writer

I’m Ava Blackstone, and this is a day in my life.

I start my day when the sun comes up, so I can get tons of work done before the kids wake up.

Okay. What actually happens is that my husband gets up when the sun comes up—why did I marry a morning person?—which wakes me up because I’m the world’s lightest sleeper. I try to go back to sleep. This doesn’t work.

I drag myself out of bed an hour later, annoyed and grumpy. Fun fact—my hair sticks out like a lion’s mane. No, there will not be pictures.

I write an entire romance novel in the six hours the kids are in school, in between snacking on bonbons.

This hunk of sugar and chocolate totally looks like it would make me more productive. Right?

Okay. It’s closer to a chapter. A crappy rough draft of a chapter. And there are no bonbons involved. In fact, there’s no chocolate whatsoever, because I didn’t buy any when I went grocery shopping, because I knew if it was lying around the house I’d eat it. This seemed like a great plan two days ago, when I was at the store. Now that I’m half way done with this chapter, I understand what a stupid, misguided idea it actually was. I would be so much more productive if I had a brownie.

I consider going to the store to get one, but this requires way too much effort. I congratulate myself on my laziness willpower.

Uh oh. Now it’s time to write a scene where my characters are having feelings. I hate writing these scenes. It’s so much more fun to write the ones where they’re bitchy and sarcastic. Somehow I make it through.

Page from rough draft of Free Falling in Love
An actual page from my actual notebook from the rough draft of FREE FALLING IN LOVE. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who writes my first draft in a notebook instead of on a computer.

After cooking a nutritious dinner, spending quality time with my kids, getting them in bed, cleaning the kitchen, and making their lunches, I quickly accomplish all my book marketing tasks for the day.

Okay. What actually happens is that I sit down at my computer, convinced this is the night I’ll cross every task off my to-do list, only to realize it’s already midnight. How does this always happen?

I think about working anyway, but realize I’m exhausted and need to get to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow and be productive. I get into bed next to my husband. He’s already snoring, because he falls asleep in approximately thirty seconds. I have every intention of falling into a deep, restful sleep, but my characters start talking to me.

I give the voices in my head a stern lecture: It’s bed time. Shut up so I can go to sleep.

Okay, maybe it’s not all that stern. If we’re being totally honest, maybe I never lecture them at all, because I’m too busy listening to what they have to say.

The thing is, I love a good story more than sleep. Maybe that’s why the getting-up-early thing never seems to work out for me…